You made it this far. No turning back now, because let's be real—it will take you less than two minutes to create your account + pick your class. [AKA: less time you spend finding a matching pair socks or ordering your complicated Starbucks coffee]

HERE’S THE scoop

  1. Create an account using an email address we’ll keep on file. We promise we'll only contact you about the good stuff. (Like free classes, can’t-miss events, and last-minute openings.)

  2. To snag a spot in any class, you must have a class or class series in your account!

  3. Visit the schedule page for your studio (Warwick or North Kingstown) to book your SOAR experience! Select your class and choose your bike. You can check your class schedule and bike reservations at any time through your account. You can book classes up to 1 week in advance. Auto-pay clients can book classes up to 2 weeks in advance.


Guess what—it works! If the class you have your sights set on is full, add yourself to the waitlist. When someone cancels a bike, the next person on the waitlist is automatically moved into the class and onto the bike that was canceled. You will receive an email immediately notifying you.


Look—life happens. We get it! If you are no longer able to make it to a class you've booked, be sure to let us know 3 hours prior to your class reservation. Please see our Terms pages for the full details on all our studio policies.