A beat-based ride that works the entire body the entire time. Experience a full-body workout comprised of heart-pumping cardio, hand weights, and core work all set to amazing playlists packed into a 45 or 60 minute session that will transform the way you look and feel. 

SO mix

The perfect workout cocktail that turns ON every muscle in your body. Class is divided into two segments offering beat-based moves on and off the bike. This class is cardio as much as it is toning.


A 45-minute high-intensity interval and strength training class on the bike. Think heart rate variation, timed interval pushes and an extra weight series with heavier weights. Find your inner athlete.


Ever dream of being on the instructor podium? You might just get picked to ride the podium with one of our instructors.


More is more. For our hardcore riders who just want more. Push up, tap back and rock out in our 60 minute cardio party.